RoboFab Point


# robofab manual
#     Point object
#    usage examples

contour = CurrentGlyph()[0]
print contour.points[0]

from random import randint
for p in contour.points:
    p.x += randint(-10,10)
    p.y += randint(-10,10)
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< RPoint for AFont.A[0][0] >


RPoint is perhaps the smallest object in RoboFab objects. It represents one single point with a particular coordinate in a contour. It is used to access off-curve and on-curve points alike. It's cousin, bPoint also provides access to incoming and outgoing bcps. RPoint is exclusively only one single point.

Understanding Contours and outlines

The way outline data is organised in RoboFab, and how the various objects relate is described here: understanding contours.


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