Python Basics

In the following examples we'll be using a couple of programming things which are simple enough that, should you not be familiar with them, you might be able to figure out from the context. While the experienced programmers will tap their feet impatiently for this to finish, and the newbies are struggling to pick their dicts from their strings: a very short overview of the stuff you're missing.

The information that you want to work with in programming comes in different forms and colors: text, numbers, sequences of things. Python offers a nice range of tupperware boxes to stick them in. More things to keep track of, but: useful and these will be your friends.
# examples of tuples
aTuple = (1, 2, 3)
aTuple = ("a", "b", "c")

And that's really all we're going to say about this. Figure out the rest yourself.

Step by Step