UFO for GlifLib

OpenFont(path=None, note=None)

Open a font from a path. If path is not given, present the user with a dialog.

class RFont(path=None)

UFO font object which reads and writes glif, and keeps the data in memory in between. Bahviour:

  • comparable to Font
  • comparable to GlyphSet so that it can be passed to Glif widgets

path of the font


Get a reversed map of component references in the font. { ‘A’ : [‘Aacute’, ‘Aring’] ‘acute’ : [‘Aacute’] ‘ring’ : [‘Aring’] etc. }

save(destDir=None, doProgress=False, formatVersion=2)

Save the Font in UFO format.

newGlyph(glyphName, clear=True)

Make a new glyph with glyphName if the glyph exists and clear=True clear the glyph

insertGlyph(glyph, name=None)

returns a new glyph that has been inserted into the font


remove a glyph from the font