class FabToFontToolsPenAdapter(fontToolsPen)

Class that covers up the subtle differences between RoboFab Pens and FontTools Pens. ‘Fab should eventually move to FontTools Pens, this class may help to make the transition smoother.

class PointToSegmentPen(segmentPen, outputImpliedClosingLine=False)

Adapter class that converts the PointPen protocol to the (Segment)Pen protocol.

class SegmentToPointPen(pointPen, guessSmooth=True)

Adapter class that converts the (Segment)Pen protocol to the PointPen protocol.

class TransformPointPen(outPen, transformation)

PointPen that transforms all coordinates, and passes them to another PointPen. It also transforms the transformation given to addComponent().

class GuessSmoothPointPen(outPen)

Filtering PointPen that tries to determine whether an on-curve point should be “smooth”, ie. that it’s a “tangent” point or a “curve” point.