This is the place for stuff that makes proofs and test text settings etc

class IDTaggedText(family, weight, size=36, leading=None)

Export a text as a XML tagged text file for InDesign (2.0?). The tags can contain information about

  • family: font family i.e. “Times”
  • weight: font weight “Bold”
  • size: typesize in points
  • leading: leading in points
  • color: a CMYK color, as a 4 tuple of floats between 0 and 1
  • insert special glyphs based on glyphindex
    (which is why it only makes sense if you use this in FontLab, otherwise there is no other way to get the indices)

Method to add text to the file.


Add the standard header.

replace(old, new)

Replace occurances of ‘old’ with ‘new’ in all content.


Save the tagged text here.


Add a special glyph, index is the glyphIndex in an OpenType font.

addStyle(family=None, weight=None, size=None, leading=None, color=None)

Set the paragraph style for the following text.