How to get to FontLab’s internals

If you’re using RoboFab in FontLab, it can happen that you need to access a method or attribute of a glyph or font object which does not seem to have an equivalent in RoboFab. What to do?

Get Naked

RoboFab Glyph and Font objects have a special method, naked() which returns the actual, low level FontLab object. This object can then be used with the documented FontLab methods and attributes. The methods and attributes of these FontLab objects are very different from RoboFab:

from import CurrentFont
f = CurrentFont()
# this is the high level RoboFab object
print f
# this is the low level FontLab object, not a part of RoboFab
print f.naked()
< RFont font for TemplatefontPro Rg Regular >
< Font 'TemplatefontPro Rg Regular' >