RoboFab's Unified Font Objects Overview

The most detailed information about RoboFab objects is available in robofabDocs in the RoboFab distribution. This overview here focusses on a couple of the more important objects and offers examples on how to use them.

RoboFab Unified Font Objects


Naming conventions in RoboFab

Attributes and method names follow a couple of consistent rules which make it easier to remember what they're called.

Availability of methods, attributes

Unless noted otherwise, the examples, methods and attributes should work in all implementations of RoboFab, so within FontLab as well as NoneLab. These reference pages are written by an experienced RoboFab user, not a robot. All the objects have more attributes and methods than listed here. But these are the most important ones to get started with. For a full list refer to the robofabDocs in the RoboFab distribution.