# robofab manual
# Info object
# usage examples

from robofab.world import CurrentFont

f = CurrentFont()
print f.info.postscriptFullName
print f.info.openTypeNameDesigner

f.info.openTypeNameDesigner = "Jan van Krimpen"
print f.info.openTypeNameDesigner
print f.info.openTypeOS2VendorID
print f.info.unitsPerEm
print f.info.xHeight
print f.info.openTypeNameLicenseURL

# but you can set the values as well
f.info.postscriptUniqueID = 4309359
f.info.openTypeNameDesigner = "Eric Gill"

MyFont Regular
Huib van Krimpen
Jan van Krimpen


RInfo contains all names, numbers, URL’s, dimensions, values, etc. that would otherwise clutter up the font object. You don’t have to create a RInfo object yourself, RFont makes one when it is created. In FontLab the RInfo data is tunneled to the appropriate places in the FontLab font. In UFO land the data ends up in info.plist. In all implementations RInfo doesn’t check the validity of the entries, it just provides storage or access to them.

Complete list of attributes

RoboFab version 1.2 implements new RInfo objects with extended attributes. The old attributes still work, but print a deprecation warning when they’re accessed. Scripts written with UFO1 attributes should work. The specification of UFO2 has its own site, UnifiedFontObject.org. The objectsRF.RInfo object implements all attributes listed, the objectsFL implementation misses a couple as the fields are not supported in FontLab. Please have a look at the overview of the UFO2 font.info attributes.